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01/09/14 - Telephone line fault

Our phone line is currently not working - both 01223 872111 and the direct dial numbers are currently out of order. Please use the number 01223 873341. This is a single line so may be busy - please try again if you can't get through.

Alternatively, email and we will call you back.

New transmitters available now:

About Eltek

Eltek specialises in custom made portable data logging systems to satisfy a wide range of user requirements. Our datalogging systems can be divided into two categories:

  • Wired Loggers, which allow the user to directly connect a number of sensors to the datalogger itself
  • GenII Telemetry systems, which consist of a number of wireless 'transmitters' which report data from their connected sensors to a central logger/receiver via radio.

A range of software packages is available for downloading, maintaining and analysing the data from our data logging systems.

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