GenII RC250 Telemetry receiver


The RC250 is a high performance telemetry receiver designed for use with the standard GenII range of telemetry transmitters, repeaters and accessories. It outputs ModBus RTU or serial data to a connected PC for integration into industry standard PC Software. Such software could include LabVIEW, DASYlab, Wonderware or proprietary software compliant to CFR21 Part 11.

This feature rapidly realises a broad spectrum of applications including:

  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Alarm and control
  • Real time data
  • Profile mapping

For customers in the pharmaceutical sector (e.g. where CFR21 Part11 compliance is required) and in the industrial, construction, storage, research and conservation sectors.


Key features

Typical System Configuration


RS232 to RS485 interface converter

This unit converts the standard RC250 or Squirrel RS232 interface to a RS485 interface; thereby allowing equipment with the RS485 interface to communicate with the receiver/logger.

  • Allows much longer cable lengths than RS232 - RC250/Squirrel can be further away from the PC or other connected equipment
  • All RC250 units (after serial number T-25194) are compatible with this device

If you require a new logger to work with this interface, please specify at the time of ordering. Existing loggers may need a firmware update to work with the RS485 interface - please contact Eltek for advice.

Squirrels using this interface must be mains powered.





UHFflexi/SMA standard quarter wave whip

LW-ANT/SMA lightweight indoor or external dipole antenna

Yagi directional antenna

The UHF flexi/SMA standard quarter wave whip antenna and LW-ANT/SMA antenna have a similar performance profile; but the LW-ANT/SMA can be used when the logger is required to be placed inside a screened cabinet, or better reception can be achieved by placing the antenna in a particular location where it would not be practical to locate a logger. Yagi directional antennae are useful in outdoors applications for achieving a longer distance between the transmitter and receiver. Please note that in the UK, these antennae should only be used with a logger or receiver; please check your local regulations if you are outside the UK.



Receiver frequency: 434.225Mhz , 914.5Mhz or other (contact Eltek)
Sensitivity (typical): -117dbm
Compliant to: EN300 220-1
Ambient temperature: -10 to +55°C
Humidity: Up to 95% (non condensing)
Power supply requirements: 12V DC at 500mA
AC power supply provided: 100/250AC to 12VDC type MP12U
Built in rechargeable batteries: 7.2V (6 x NiMh 1.8Ah pack)
Battery reserve: >24 hours
Dimensions (ex. Antenna): D 41mm x W 80mm x H125mm
Weight: 500g inc. batteries
Antenna connector: SMA (socket)
Data out & programming connector: 6 pin Mini Din (socket)
Data protocol: ModBus or to Eltek specification TN102 Ver1.0
Serial comms RS232


Product datasheet:

RC250 datasheet