Eltek has implemented an important firmware upgrade, affecting the following:

GD10, GD11, GD13E, GD14E, GD47 - their GC versions and RHT Probes

In response to sensor SHT75 being declared obsolete by the manufacturer and a new sensor - SHT85 being named as a replacement, Eltek has developed a new version of the firmware for any affected GenII transmitters:

The new firmware seamlessly supports sensors: SHT25, SHT75 and SHT85. Therefore the old RHT-10E probes will work with transmitters that have been upgraded to the new firmware.

With immediate effect all relevant new transmitters will be manufactured using the SHT85 sensors and new firmware.

Transmitters already in use:

RHT Probes:

We will also be phasing in the fitting of the SHT85 sensor in our RHT probes. Any new RHT probes using the SHT85 sensor will be identified as the RHT-20E.

The old RHT-10 probes will now only be available in very limited numbers so please contact us for details prior to ordering.

Important Notes:

The new firmware is only required if:

  1. You wish to use the new RHT-20 probes with old transmitters (S/N's T-15000 and greater)
  2. For any reason the SHT75 sensor in an old transmitter (S/N's T-15000 and greater) is changed to the SHT85

Contact Eltek for more information or clarification