pH Sensors for 450/1000 series Squirrel Dataloggers

1000 series Squirrel pH inputs are designed to interface with a variety of proprietary pH electrodes. Our solutions can be tailored to meet your requirements. Please contact Eltek for more information.

About Squirrel pH loggers and the pH sensor interface

Model 1012
Squirrel model 1012 interfaces directly to the pH electrode.Models 451pH and 1001pH
Squirrel models 451pH and 1001pH must be used with the pH-int interface. One pH-int is required for each pH electrode to be used.

The need for temperature compensation
All pH electrodes produce an output that varies slightly with temperature. This can be compensated for if the temperature is known. Therefore, all Squirrel loggers for pH use have the requisite number of temperature inputs. The Squirrel can then compensate for temperature and provide the most accurate pH value possible. Temperature should always be used.


pH-int module for BNC connection

This compact module (approximately 25 x 19 x 45.5mm excluding the BNC socket) plugs directly into the logger terminal block and presents a BNC socket for connection to the pH electrode. The pH electrode wiring should not exceed 20m. One pH-int will be required for each pH electrode to be used. Use of the pH-int interface does not significantly affect the logger battery life.