Darca Plus - Download and analysis software

Key features:

Darca Plus Tour

The Main Window

This presents the four main options in a clear large button format:

The Contact Window of Darca Plus appears when a Squirrel has been contacted. The status bar at the bottom displays the current communication status of the Squirrel. The Status Window then appears and shows you exactly how the Squirrel is configured and operating.

The VCR-style buttons in the centre provide control for Starting / Stopping logging and Clearing the memory in the Squirrel. Once the Squirrel contains data it can be downloaded onto the PC with the Download Runs button. Data is stored as a binary datafile which can then be exported for viewing in a spreadsheet or graphed using Darca Plus's Graphing tool.

The following options are available on the Contact Window:

The Squirrel Settings Window

This provides complete operational control of the Squirrel's general settings:

The Channel Setup Window

This provides an easy to use interface for configuring how the input channels on the Squirrel should be used:

The Channel Setup Window

Metering tools

The bar/needle:

View input channels in meter form

Channels in alarm are displayed in red.
Channels in the window may be grouped to reflect the physical location of input sensors.

The real time graph:

View input channels as a real time graph

3 view modes are available: Paged view, Scrolling view or a Full time-span view.

The graphing window

Darca Plus's sophisticated graphing window allows you to view your data quickly and easily, whilst at the same time having complete control over which channels are displayed and how. Features such as graph thresholds, graph cursors and graph notes contribute to this powerful data analysis tool.

The Graph Viewer

Key Features:

Features in detail:

The Graph Summary Window is available by clicking the Summary button on the graph toolbar. It provides numerical information about the data:

Graph Summary and Statistics

The five tabs display the following information:


Darca Plus Datasheet

Darca Plus Manual