Site-based energy performance monitoring with Eltek GenII telemetry

Need to consolidate site RH, temperature, energy use and more on to a single data logger - in detail? Then consider Eltek GenII telemetry. The extremely flexible system together with a wide range of transmitter and inputs types logs data reliably and cost effectively.



Monitoring complex electricity values with the GD90A/900A transmitters

GD90A Transmitter with ND Rail 310/350

The GD90A interfaces with the Northern Design NDRail350 (1 x 3 phase load) or NDRail310 (3 x single phase load) energy meters, providing comprehensive monitoring and patterns of use of a three phase supply. Information transmitted:

GD900A Transmitter with up to 6 x ND Rail 310/350

The GD900A can be used with up to six parallel connected NDRail310 or NDRail350 energy meters and appropriate current transformers, providing comprehensive monitoring and patterns of use of multiple three phase supplies.

Monitoring energy usage at appliance level

Monitoring gas usage with the GC62 transmitter

A modern household gas usage meter can be field-fitted with a pulse output adapter that can be connected to the GC62.

The pulse rate measurement is typically 1 pulse per kilowatt hour.

Monitoring water flow rate with the GC62 transmitter

For water flow measurement, a secondary water meter should be installed, e.g. the Flowmetix 315.

This provides pulse output and can be connected to the GC62 transmitter.


A datasheet is available for both the single drop and multi drop systems.

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