Eltek Warranty and Support Policy

All Eltek products are covered by a 3-year return to base warranty policy. Eltek will cover the cost of repair and returning your repaired product.

If you have a problem with your product you should always contact your distributor or Eltek in the first instance, it may be possible to resolve your problem without the need to return your product.

During the warranty period, Eltek will repair or replace your product with an equivalent working unit free of charge if it has failed due to any component, manufacturing or design problem. All repairs completed are under warranty for 6 months, starting from the day of receipt of the unit, applicable to the repair itself.

If a product stops working due to failure to replace batteries that have lost their charge or through inappropriate use, we shall endeavour to provide a cost-effective repair for which you will receive a quote detailing the work to be completed.

Outside of the 3-year warranty period, Eltek will provide a quotation for any units sent back for repair. Should you wish to proceed, please provide a purchase order referencing the repair quotation number supplied.

Whilst Eltek will always attempt to repair all products, sometimes older products are not possible to repair cost effectively and in this circumstance, we will advise you that they are beyond economic repair. Eltek will assist you in providing a cost-effective replacement should this situation arise.


From time to time customers request possible enhancements to our Darca software, in exceptional circumstances, customers may find a "bug" or error when trying to use their software. We welcome all feedback regarding our Darca software packages, so please do contact Eltek directly, should you have any feedback to provide by emailing sales@eltekdataloggers.co.uk or by calling us on +44 1223 872111.

Installation and Commissioning

Eltek can provide installation and commissioning services for both data logger and telemetry applications.

Please contact Eltek for a detailed quotation.


Eltek can provide training to end users so that the actual users quickly become familiar with and competent in the use of Squirrel data loggers.

In addition to the use of the data logger itself there will be in-depth and hands-on use of the Darca software including use of the graphing (where applicable), data, setting up, and down loading tools.

Training is normally conducted at the customer's premises and usually takes about 3 hours.

Mileage and travel time is charged for plus 3 man hours at the standard labour rate.

Contact Eltek for a quotation.

Site Survey

This is normally only needed for telemetry systems. Before ordering a telemetry system it is important to identify any areas where radio coverage may not be good so that the system can be designed to work round them. The survey is conducted using radio, operating in the frequency band that the customer can actually use. This will reveal any need for devices such as repeaters or external antenna, making sure that the system supplied is appropriate for the site before installation.

Generally a half day to one day is required, dependent upon the size of the installation envisaged.

Mileage and travel time is charged for plus the number of man hours for the actual survey work plus one man hour for report preparation at the standard labour rate. A report is provided with findings, recommendations and alternatives if necessary.


Certificate of Conformity
A Certificate of Conformity (COC) is issued with every Eltek datalogger, or telemetry component to confirm that it has passed all the functional safety tests which check that it meets its specification, including the calibration process described below.

Initial Calibration
Every datalogger is subject to a calibration procedure and heat soak test to ensure the stability and accuracy of the readings with changes in ambient temperature. The input values are provided by equipment with calibrations traceable to national standards.

Calibration Certification
Eltek can carry out an even more stringent calibration procedure and issue a calibration certificate, which incurs an extra cost. The datalogger is subjected to a second calibration at a stable ambient temperature, where each range is checked at five points using equipment with calibrations traceable to national standards. A record is then made of the results.

UKAS Certification
Eltek can also quote for full UKAS certification. This certification, similar to the stringent calibration noted above, is carried out by an independent calibration laboratory certified by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). This certification process can include extra calibrations or tests if requested on the logger alone or together with sensors.

Please contact Eltek to discuss your requirement so that a detailed quotation can be prepared for you.