Sensors for incubator monitoring

Vaisala GMP231 / GMP251 / GMP252


Vaisala GMP251 CO2 probe


Vaisala GMP231 CO2 probe

Carbon dioxide sensors for incubators with a range of up to 20% CO2.
The probe section can be extended on a 2m lead and can be mounted in the environment to be monitored (e.g. an incubator) with the preferred RH and temp or temperature only probe.
The Vaisala sensors require an external power supply in order to be used with the GD43E transmitter.


GMP231: 0 to 20% only. This probe can survive the incubator sterilisation cycle.

GMP251: 0 to 2/5/10/20 %. These probes must be removed from the incubator during the sterilisation cycle.

GMP252: 0 to 2000/5000/10000 ppm