Squirrel Dataloggers For Energy Management


1010 Model Squirrel 1010/1010X Model
1020 Model Squirrel 1020/1020X Model
1020 Model Squirrel 651 Model

For the electricity energy sector

These specialist data loggers and accessories are tailored for the electricity energy sector and facilitate the metering and recording of AC voltage, current and temperature using a single comprehensive and accurate instrument.
Squirrel 1010/1010X and 1020/1020X energy series dataloggers and accessories enable quick, easy metering, monitoring and logging of load usage patterns enabling optimisation of power distribution, ultimately leading to improved reliability of power availability and power distribution plant costs.
The Squirrel 651 datalogger is specially designed for use with the Northern Design NDRail350 (1 x 3 phase load) or NDRail310 (3 x single phase load) energy meters.

Common Features

1010/1020 Features

651 Features

1010/1010X and 1020/1020X Sensors

651 Sensors

The Energy Series Range Of Models

Squirrel Model Channel Configuration
(Number and type of sensor)
Case depth mm
1010 6 AC voltage + 2 thermistor / AC voltage 60
1020 12 AC voltage + 4 thermistor / AC voltage 85
651 A maximum of three NDRail350s (1 x 3 phase load) or three NDRail310 (3 x 1 phase load) can be connected simultaneously to the logger. 60

Options - Factory installed

Text message on alarm

Optional Text message on alarm using and /or remote access, using external GSM modem.

Options - Field installed

Memory expansion

The memory can be expanded to 2M readings (about 2,080,000).

Don't forget that a lot of memory takes time to download and that it is possible to reduce the amount of memory used for a logging run. Eltek loggers download at 38400 baud, and in practice this is about 500 readings per second.


WB6 Outdoor Enclosure

The IP65 enclosure is fitted with oversized weather secure glands allowing the DIN connector termination of the Rogowski Coil or temperature probe to pass through. All metal fittings of the enclosure are high grade stainless steel assuring reliable and durable usage.


Logging Modes Interval / average / event / externally triggered
Log/Scan Interval 5 seconds to 24 hours
Data memory Internal memory: 250,000 readings Option: 2 million readings Memory modes; stop when full or overwrite current run
Display 2 line, 32-character, for readings status monitoring and configuration
Communications RS232 half duplex - 2400 to 38.4K Baud Modem compatible protocol
Darca Plus Software Configuration, graphing and analysis
Power supply Internal: 6 x AA Alkaline batteries External: 9 to 14vDC (1.4watts) Mains adapter: Type MP12U
Operating Environment Temperature range:-30 to 65°C Humidity: 95% non condensing. For harsh environments an optional IP65 enclosure is available (type WB6).
1010/1010X and 1020/1020X Only:
Analog Inputs Accuracy: ±(0.1% of reading, +0.2% of range span)
Digital Inputs 0/5V or volt free contacts 8 inputs per logger channel
Pulse counters Each counter up to 2Khz signal or 100Hz volt free contact. A total of 650K counts software selectable
RC1000 Range: 0-2000A Coil diameter: 14.5mm nominal Coil length: 52cm Lead length: 1.8M


Product datasheets:

1010 / 1020 Dataloggers For energy management
651 Squirrel datalogger datasheet

Product manual:

1000 Series Manual